Wang Jun Held Video Conference with Pascal, the Director of the Center for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD

Updated: 2022-02-17

Wang Jun, the Commissioner of State Taxation Administration of China, held a video conference with Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. Both sides achieved important agreements on “two-pillars” international tax reform program implementation, digital transformation of tax collection and administration, key areas of cooperation in 2022, as well as other topics.

“Two pillars” international tax reform program achieved wide agreements, Wang Jun indicated. It is an important achievement in confronting challenges of the digital economy. The China tax authorities will continue to actively participate in the relevant work in the spirit of multilateralism and openness as well as cooperation, to promote the implementation of the "two pillars" program. Wang Jun thanked OCED for its long-standing support to China taxation works. He hoped to continue strengthen the cooperation in the fields of digital transformation of tax collection and administration, capacity building, etc, to keep improving tax governance capacity, and contribute tax power to promote better recovery and development of the world economy.

Pascal fully affirmed China’s positive effects in the process of reaching the "two pillars" program. He highly appreciated the important progress China achieved in value-added tax reform, tax collection and administration reform, and informatization construction. He indicated that international tax issues cannot be separated from the participation of China tax authorities. With the cooperation between the two sides becoming more and more pioneering, the following results are getting more and more expected.

Wang Daoshu, the Deputy Commissioner of STA, along with General Office, Property and Behavior Tax Department, International Taxation Department, Tax Administration and Information Technology Department, and Personnel Department also participated in the conference.